Decades of Expertise from a Dedicated and Certified Crew

Moxy Marines Services has over 60 years of combined mechanical, electrical and systems expertise in the marine, aviation and automotive industries.  Not only do we provide Charleston, SC and the coastal region of North Carolina and South Carolina with quality, timely and fairly priced yacht repair services, but our diverse knowledge base guarantees unique problem solving solutions to our clients’ marine repair needs.

In addition to the broad spectrum of skills offered by the Moxy Marine Services crew, we also maintain a deeply personal understanding of life on the water.  Most of us here at Moxy Marine Services live aboard our own boats, and this complete immersion in the nautical lifestyle translates into genuine concern about you, your vessel and your safety on the water.  Coastal cruising, island hopping, passage making, even gunk holing, all come with their fair share of risks.  We take pride in making sure your systems and vessel are shipshape and Bristol fashion for your next big adventure.  Our USCG licensed members can even sail you there, if needed.

Whether you are aboard your vessel year-round, seasonally or transiently, you can expect competent care from our dedicated and certified crew.


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