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Moxy Marine Services is the distributor and service center for Spectra Watermakers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Moxy Marine Services is proud to be the DISTRIBUTOR and CERTIFIED SERVICE PROVIDER for Spectra Watermakers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Whether your output requirements are 100 gallons or 10,000 gallons, contact us today for your recreational marine, commercial marine and land-based water making needs.

Marine and Land-Based Watermaker Services offered by Moxy Marine Services

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There are several good reasons to have a watermaker onboard:

Provide a safe, unlimited and economical water supply for you, your crew and passengers when traveling in parts of the world where the quality of dock-side water is poor and the purchase of potable water is costly. Don’t risk introducing contaminated water into your fresh water tanks and exposing all onboard to unknown parasites. For everyone’s safety, create your own fresh water supply and store clean, reverse osmosis desalinated water in your tanks.

Provide an emergency fresh water supply when holding tanks are compromised or your vessel is forced offshore for an extended period of time. Instill peace of mind and create calm and order in an emergency situation by providing limitless and safe water for all onboard.

Extend your cruising range and add comfort and convenience by eliminating fresh water resupply points on your voyage and enjoy the luxury and convenience of showers, laundry, cooking, dishwashing and deck washdowns, regardless of where you are.

Reduce the weight and increase your travel distance and fuel range by eliminating the heavy burden of carrying tanks full of water. Water weighs more than 8 pounds per gallon. With less weight, you’ll travel farther and reduce your fuel costs.

Once you’ve made the decision to have a watermaker onboard, you will need to choose what type will work best for your application: AC, DC or belt-driven. Moxy Marine Services can help you choose the right watermaker for your intended use, output needs, space availability and power availability. We can install and commission new systems, troubleshoot and repair existing systems, winterize/de-winterize the system and provide parts, membranes and filters.

Regardless of whether your business is passenger or cargo carrying and your watermaker system is modular or framed/self-contained, Moxy Marine Services can design and install a new system, provide your crew with replacement parts and consumable supplies, ship ahead to your next port of call, make repairs in port or sail with you. For the demanding, rugged conditions of a commercial marine environment, trust Moxy Marine Services for your water making needs.

We also offer the sales and service of Oily Water Separators (OWS) and oil discharge monitoring and control systems for the treatment of bilge water, making sure your oily water is properly separated, filtered, controlled and monitored.

Moxy Marine Services designs, installs, repairs and services desalinations systems for a variety of land-based applications. If you own a home, private island or any type of commercial business, we can design a new installation, provide parts and supplies for existing systems, make repairs and perform maintenance services.


Based in Charleston, SC, Moxy Marine Services is fully insured and has authorized access to all area marinas and boatyards. In addition, we travel to any port of call or location for major watermaker system projects, marine or land-based.

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